music ministry


The highest priority of God’s people is to worship Him. For those of us in the Music Ministry, it is our primary goal and responsibility. We believe that in worship we enter into God’s presence. When we place ourselves into a position to draw nearer to Him, God will draw us into an increasingly intimate relationship with Himself. Our mission as a music ministry is to lead the body into this intimate encounter with God.

Worship is an exciting part of following Christ. It is only by God’s grace that we can truly worship in Spirit and in Truth.

A summarized list of qualifications for participation in the Music Ministry follows.

  • Born-again follower of Jesus Christ
  • Growing spiritually
  • Consistently attending church services
  • Committed to the local body
  • Musical ability
  • Willing to humbly serve with your gift
  • Time for the commitment
  • Supported by family