missions committee


The Scriptural Purpose of Shepaug Valley Bible Church's involvement in missions is to do our part in helping to fulfill the Great Commission; that is to go and preach the Good News of Jesus Christ to every person and to make disciples of all nations. Matthew 28:19-20, II Cor 5:17-21, Matthew 18:10-14

The Purpose of Missions at Shepaug Valley Bible Church is supporting endeavors outside our usual 'walls' and scope and sphere of influence to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ by proclaiming the Gospel of Christ, making disciples and relating to the whole need of mankind -- spiritually, psychologically and physically.

The Function of Missions at Shepaug Valley Bible Church is developing accountability and communication between church leadership, the Body, missionaries and agencies, while maintaining objectivity, consistency and continuity.

The Purpose of the Missions Committee is:

  • To have a sense of direction
  • To keep our focus on the scriptural purpose of our Missions efforts
  • To encourage working together with other Christian organizations locally and overseas
  • To insure consistency over time
  • To insure Missions support is balanced and is focused according to well thought out priorities
  • To ensure responsible stewardship of God's resources

Goal Setting

A goal is an objective that is achievable, measurable and involves a step of faith. The goals are set in the categories of:

  • Missionaries to be supported
  • The support of an unreached people group
  • Short term groups to be sent as opportunities arise
  • Fund raising
  • Budgeting
  • Prayer support
  • Education and awareness
  • Partnership projects with local churches

The Responsibilities of the Missions Committee are:

  • An ongoing evaluation of the missions program
  • To stimulate intercessory prayer within the Body for our missionaries
  • To serve as liaison between the church and it's missionaries
  • To encourage short term missions trips as opportunity arises
  • To establish and maintain missions strategy in choosing missionaries and support levels

The Responsibilities of the Missionary to the Church are:

  • To communicate from the field on a regular basis.
  • To report on finances
  • Availability for involvement at SVBC when on furlough

The Responsibilities of the Church to the Missionary are:

  • To maintain financial/prayer support
  • To assist when possible with furlough arrangements
  • To minister to the missionary's spiritual needs as God gives direction
  • To assist with personal or emergency needs when possible
  • To regularly communicate from the church to the missionary
  • To assist with field projects the missionary is engaged in when possible