Shepaug Valley Bible Church exists to worship and serve the God of the Bible; to administer His Word, ordinances, and disciple for the edification of believers; and to promote the furtherance of the gospel throughout Litchfield County and the world.
We began as a bible study, meeting in a member’s home in 1996.  It was evident to us that the Lord was forming a church.  We invited Michael Phillips, who had just returned from missionary work in Spain, to be our Pastor.  We began having church services and quickly outgrew the house in which we were meeting.
In June of 1996 we began renting Roxbury Town Hall for our Sunday morning church services.  We also rented out space in offices across the street to house our Pastor’s office, a youth room, and a meeting room for Sunday School, bible studies during the week, and prayer meetings.
In  2004 we purchased a house close to the Roxbury Town Hall for our pastor and his family to live and also to serve as a gathering place for our church events.  At this point we stopped renting other space and used the house for Pastor’s office and church gatherings.
In the 21 years since we have been renting the Town Hall and in ownership of a house, our church has been expanding.  In November 2013 we held a meeting of the church ministry heads and discussed our visions for the church ministries.  It quickly became evident that having our own building would allow for the expansion of many current ministries and development of new ones.  We long to hold events that would assist those in need, such as a soup kitchen or food pantry.  We would like to invite the community to holiday gatherings, and be a safe haven for people to attend.
In 2014 we purchased land on Rt 67.  Members of our church community diligently worked on the land to clear it of trees and debris.  Plans were drawn for a church building and parsonage, and small fundraising began.
Currently, our building project is on hold as we are in a period of transition.