Hello SVBC Family!  The Building Team has created this blog as a way for us to keep you informed about the progress, events and happenings regarding our journey to having a meeting space to call home.

The members of the team are:

  • Mark and Denice Stoughton

  • Cynthia Risch

  • Mark Murray

  • Joe Collins


We hope that this blog will be a place for interactive discussions between us all.  We encourage you to post any suggestions or questions you may have about the building process.

Business Meeting and Pledges

On Sunday, May 1, 2016, we held a church business meeting where the elders provided an update on the building project.  An audio recording of the meeting is available along with electronic copies of the documents that were handed out.

Click on the links below to listen to the audio recording of the meeting or to download copies of the documents.

Church Business Meeting (audio)
SVBC Caleb Fund Pledge Letter to Give to Elders (pdf)
SVBC Caleb Fund Prayer Card to Keep (pdf)

Zoning Commission Meetings-past and future

The zoning commission met on Monday, Sept 8.  Members of our Building Team attended as well as Pastor Michael, Brian Neff, our engineer and Peter Scalzo, our attorney. At this meeting, the public was invited to comment on our application to build our parsonage and church on the land on Rt 67.  There was concern about the brightness of lights, the increased traffic in the area due to church events, allowing the church to be used for community group events and loss of places for wildlife.  There was a revision to the original language used in our application, which states that the church would be used for church community events.
The zoning commission decided to consider public comment, and vote on allowing our application to go through at the next meeting, Monday Oct 6.  Please be in prayer for this meeting and pray for God’s will to be done.  If we are approved, there will be a meeting after church on Oct 12 to give an update on the project and its financing.

Updates on Committee Approvals, etc

Greetings everyone,


As a member of our Building Team, I would like to try to use this forum to keep you better updated on our progress as we work to purchase the land on Rt 67.


I want to start with just giving you an idea of where we are in the process of getting approvals.  

In April and May, we went through the Inlands/Wetlands Commission of Roxbury to get approval to have the parsonage driveway built over the wetlands on the property. Having gotten approval for that in June, the next step is going before the Zoning Commission of Roxbury. Since the land is not zoned for residential use, a special zoning permit is required.  Last Monday, the Zoning Commission approved our application for the special permit, which means it needs to go to a public hearing at a zoning meeting. This will take place in September, because time is needed to get approval from a few other areas. Should we get approval on that date, we will work on finalizing the purchase of the land within 60 days.



I also wanted to update you on where we stand with funds.

This entire process has cost us $26, 937.50 to date.  This includes:

-$20,000.00 down payment for the land.

-$2,000.00 down payment to our architect, with $5,050.00 as the balance to be paid later.

-$750.00 for the soil inspection.

-$1,237.50 for legal fees, with continued payment being necessary as we move through this process.

-$150.00 for the application to Inlands/Wetlands.

-$2,800 for a site plan, which is required for all applications.


All of these payments have been made using the Caleb fund, which now has just a few thousand dollars in it.


I will continue to update you via this blog with updates and prayer requests as we move forward.  Please pray for approval from the DOT, from the community at the public hearing and for details about financing.  

We still desparately need volunteers to help work through the financing details as well as volunteers to work on large scale fundraisers. We have not gotten any volunteers yet.

Please let any member of the Building Team know if you are interested. Also, feel free to discuss any of these details with us!


April 6, 2014 Update

Hi SVBC Family,

The presentation from the Building Team's update is available here: Building Team 4/6/2014 Update.
Please continue to pray that the Lord will give us all discernment and clear direction as we move forward in this process

The Building Team

The Vote

Praise the Lord!  The church voted unanimously to make an offer to purchase the property!  The Building Team will now move forward to submit an official offer to purchase the property.

The Building Team Presentation

Hello SVBC Family!

The PowerPoint presentation that we shared on Sunday, December 8 is available here: Building Team Presentation

Getting Started

As the Building Team, we see ourselves ministering and serving you.  We have developed a set of objectives to help us remain focused in our service to you and to provide you with a clear understanding of what you can expect from us.

  1. Develop a plan, i.e. building designs, site plans, financing recommendations, etc. that will service the needs of the church

  2. Investigate land in the Roxbury area through realtors and other contacts.

  3. Investigate building requirements for a church including but not limited to zoning laws.

  4. Develop guidelines for fundraising and delegating the fundraising activities to a group of interested individuals while overseeing the process.

  5. Keep the elders and church body informed in a timely and appropriate manner. This should include prayer requests and encouraging consistent, constant prayer.

  6. Work with the finance team on a finance plan with continuous approval from elders.

  7. Create a timeline for the execution of plan that is matched with funding amounts needed at each point.

So far we have taken a few steps forward in this journey…
  1. We have put together a basic floor plan that represents a “wish list” of amenities for a church building.

    Main Floor
    (Note: to save the picture to your computer, right-click on the picture and then select "save image as" or "save picture as".)
    Main Floor

    Lower Floor
    (Note: to save the picture to your computer, right-click on the picture and then select "save image as" or "save picture as".)
    Lower Floor

  2. We have contacted a local engineer to help up assess the viability of constructing such a building on a least one site in Roxbury.

  3. We reached out to a local realtor to help us investigate the availability of properties in the Roxbury area.

As we continue this journey, we ask for your prayer support.  There may be “giants in the land” and we want to respond to the challenges just like Joshua and Caleb.