Lesley Wolfe
Email: lesley_wolfe@ntm.org

Lesley is serving the Lord in full time ministry in Liberia and the Ivory Coast with the New Tribes Missions Language School. Her primary ministry has been translating the Bible into the Glaro tribe's language. She spends time in the village of Beoue in the Ivory Coast, and in Abidjan, the capitol city of the Ivory Coast. She lives and works among the Glaro people and has learned the language, which is no small feat, as it is tonal and uniquely specific to the Glaro.

It has not been easy to go forward in the work the Lord has given her, as civil unrest and war has made it necessary for her to leave both Liberia and the Ivory Coast at times. Recently, the Glaro living in Liberia invited New Tribe Missions to reestablish its work among them in Liberia. Many Glaro villagers have a desire to learn more about God and to have the Bible in their language.

Lesley's email address is lesley_wolfe@ntm.org. Lesley has internet access in Beoue but it is not dependable and updates usually come when she has reason to be in Abidjan. New Tribes Missions has a mailing address but there is no mail service to Beoue and getting mail depends on someone hand carrying it to her into the village with no established regularity.

Lesley's mother, Sara Wolfe, lives in Little Rock, Arkansas. Lesley's sister, Sara Liz and her husband Michael, have been in full time ministry in Southeast Asia for several years now. Sara Liz and Michael have four sons.

When in the USA, Lesley comes to Connecticut to visit friends here. She is due to come home on furlough in the Fall of 2011.

It has been a wonderful privilege to follow the ministry the Lord has given Lesley. She has a tender heart for the Lord and easily shares her heart about Him. If anyone is interested, DVDs are available of Lesley's first trip to Beoue and also one from about a year ago when a dental team from South Carolina ministered there.