Connecticut Heaties Ministry

Connecticut Heaties

A Ministry of Comfort and Gratitude


 “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18 


We have a desire to comfort those in distress.

People live unobserved through difficult situations

God is the God of all comfort

Therefore we pray to Him asking for His Presence to be felt

And we give a fragrant gift of warmth;

a gift to soothe and quiet the heart.


We are thankful for the people who serve us

mostly unnoticed.

We want them to know

that we pray for their protection

 for their families

 that God sees their effort

dedication and sacrifice

And we are grateful


We have prayed for direction and received it

We were able to give Heaties

to the families who lost family members

in Sandy Hook

The First Selectman Pat Llorda of Sandy Hook saw to it personally that each family received a Connecticut Heatie

We also were given favor by way of a friendship with one of SVBC members with the school nurse from Sandy Hook.

We arrived at the Chalk Hill School just in time for a staff meeting where they would be given out.

We have been able to bless our town of Roxbury

by providing Heaties for

2 policemen

35 EMS

37 Firemen

Our relationship with First Selectman Barbara Henry has fostered a friendship that has allowed her to give Heaties to anyone who she feels would benefit. She has been very willing to come forward with people who have served and are serving the town of Roxbury.


Linda Cochrane from Hopeline was given a Heatie

Linda loved it and wanted 15 for a Pastor’s wives retreat

They have been delivered.

We would also like to provide Heaties for the women who are being ministered to by the volunteers at Hopeline.

In the four months since the Ministry first started

the Lord has blessed us

with being able to give out more than 130 Heaties.

Connecticut Heaties is a ministry of prayer for all our recipients.  

We are funded by donations from the members of SVBC