2012 Messages

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Date Title Scripture Speaker
12-30-2012 God's Incredible Love For Us Ephesians 3:17-19
Song of Solomon 8:6,7
Elder Bill MacLean
12-23-2012 Faith at the Savior's Birth Luke 2:1-20 Pastor Michael Phillips
12-16-2012 Jesus, Lord of Heaven and Earth Matthew 17:1-9, Psalm 43
Sermon Notes
Pastor Michael Phillips
12-09-2012 Before the Cross, After the Cross
The Fourth Journey, Part 3
Matthew 16:20-28 Pastor Michael Phillips
12-02-2012 The Keys and Binding and Loosing
The Fourth Journey, Part 2
Matthew 16:13-20
Sermon Notes
Pastor Michael Phillips
11-25-2012 WHO Do You Say Jesus Is?
The Fourth Journey, Part 1
Matthew 16:13-23 Pastor Michael Phillips
11-18-2012 Am I Seeking HIS Word? Matthew 16:1-12
Sermon Notes
Pastor Michael Phillips
11-11-2012 God's Word: Your Protection from Deception Hebrews 4:12, 5:13-14 Elder Bill MacLean
11-04-2012 What Really is the Kingdom of God? Psalm 27:1-9
Sermon Notes
Elder Jeff Tyler
10-28-2012 Jesus Shows No Partiality Matthew 15:29-39 Pastor Michael Phillips
10-21-2012 Jesus Could Not Be Hidden... Matthew 15:21-28
Mark 7:24-30
Sermon Notes
Pastor Michael Phillips
10-14-2012 The Type of Relationship that God Desires John 17:3
Sermon Notes
Sam Sarvis